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Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of

Australia Inc



Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of
Australia Inc
Dennistone Room – Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

Saturday 25th July 2015

8.45am: President’s welcome for a 9am start,

Relaxation therapy is an efficacious, evidence based psychological intervention.

Relaxation and hypnotherapy share basic principles in their underlying mechanisms and how they can enhance health.  Both have supporting scientific evidence. Both can enhance psychological and physiological health and both are non-invasive.

In this one-day presentation, Dr Judy Lovas highlights the latest evidence in relaxation therapies and offers simple, efficacious skills to implement into your clinical practice.


Practical relaxation components of this seminar can be performed while seated and you are welcome to bring a towel or mat if you prefer.

Judy Lovas has researched the effects of massage therapy on immune responses and the effects of massage therapy on secondary conditions of people with spinal cord injury. Since then, Judy has combined clinical practice with research and teaching. She currently teaches Psychology at Australian Catholic University.

Today Judy’s work focuses on relationships between psychological and physical health. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) provides evidence for the impact of stress and relaxation on both the mind and body. PNI is the study of interactions between the CNS, endocrine and immune systems and their impact on health.

Judy conducts seminars for physiotherapists, nurses, social workers and any health professionals, in the physiological and psychological benefits of relaxation therapy. Her presentations explain relaxation within a PNI framework. Judy teaches evidence-based, simple and effective skills to improve conditions such as pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression and wellbeing.

4pm Finish Followed by the Annual General Meeting.

Members $75 Non members $90. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea supplied

Please let us know of any dietary requirements

Direct Deposit in PCHA account 054322540 BSB 112-879 St. George bank. Please include your name & event, then email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your details for a receipt.


Please detach and return with your cheque to:               PCHA Inc, 13 David Street, CROYDON 2132. All enquiries to Kathy Loy 0403483883

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The Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. ( PCHA ) is a long standing professional organisation. Our aim is to promote the educational and ethical aspects of clinical hypnotherapy and to ensure members and associates maintain the highest professional standards in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy.

We encourage everyone to come and add this seminar to their ongoing development training. ACA and other hypnotherapy associations recognise PCHA as a provider of ongoing professional development ( OPD ).

Everyone is welcome.



October November 2015


Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc (PCHA)


Two-Day  Trainings with Daniel F. Cleary

Brisbane:  31st Oct & 1st Nov    Hotel  George William

Sydney:  7th & 8th November     Penrith Panthers

This program is based upon, TARGETING PAIN – A Practitioners Guide to Relief, which itself is based upon Dan’s personal experience of over thirty-five years dealing with chronic, unrelenting pain and decades of work with clients. No other instructor draws from this level of personal perspective and experience.

These are classes that can show you how to find relief in a recliner, with dim lighting and soft music, which is great at home in your spare time, but:

Pain Relief has to be portable!

Dan’s approach goes beyond the techniques that are presented, to the core perceptions and relationships we develop, assisting our clients to participate more fully in all aspects of life! Individuals can access relief at their desk, while driving or walking, talking with friends or family; wherever, whenever!

Whether you are a medical practitioner, therapist, hypnotist or caring friend, you will discover ways to be more effective in guiding your clients, patients and friends; The True Heroes, toward relief.

Dan is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of hypnotic/mind-body Pain Relief. As a course director for PainWeek, a major medical conference for practitioners specializing in pain, his programs were accepted for Continuing Medical Education units from 2007 – 2012.

Dan Cleary is an internationally recognized Pain Relief Educator and Hypnosis Instructor, teaching doctors, therapists and individuals to access relief throughout the U.S. and Europe. From 2007-2012, he was a course director at PAINWeek® a major medical conference for practitioners from around the world, specializing in the treatment of pain. Dan lives the program he presents; a member of the ‘Chronic Club’ for over thirty-five years, he shares the insights and techniques he has developed.

Members $395      Non Members  $450

Anyone interested in Pain Relief is most welcome. This event is not only for hypnotherapists.