April 2nd 2016

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc

Hermitage Room – Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

Saturday 2nd April 2016


9.25 am President’s welcome.

9.30am KathleenLoy..... Hypnosis during Major Illness


Kathy has been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2000. As a Registered Nurse, and Registered Midwife she is particularly interested in how hypnosis can be used in the clinical setting. Having worked with, and witnessed how her dear friend and colleague benefited from hypnosis during her ongoing battles with chronic illness, she was well prepared when a situation arose with her daughter Bethany.


In 2009 Bethany underwent a craniotomy following a ruptured Arteriovenous Malformation. She experienced a significant Intracerebral Haemorrhage, and was very ill. Kathy will be presenting how she worked with her daughter during the immediate ICU period and long term, and the enduring benefits that she achieved as a result.


10.30am Morning Tea


11am Del Layton ..... Pain, Hypnosis & Hope


Del is an old friend of PCHA members, having given many talks over the years, about the use of self hypnosis and hypnotherapy in regard to pain management. Del has been a qualified Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist since 1996. She has successfully run a full- time Private practice, for those 20 years & just recently was admitted as an Honorary Member of ASCH.


Del comes from an intimate knowledge of pain, having lived her whole adult life with a rare form of hereditary rheumatoid arthritis. Not only has she lived with this chronic condition, but she has braved multiple surgical procedures and operations. In 2010 Del and her partner Eugene Schuster spoke at length about these surgical experiences, Del’s use of self hypnosis and hypnotherapy pre & post surgically and how this contributed to the outstanding results gained in reduction of pain.


Since that talk in 2010, Del’s journey with this disease has progressed and she was diagnosed and subsequently hospitalised 18 months ago with Peripheral Arterial Disease ( PAD ). This is where the main arteries in the lower legs calcify & create a lack of blood flow to the smaller peripheral arteries. The condition is often associated with people with long term inflammatory diseases & a resultant lowered auto immune function. In some cases this combination of PAD & depleted auto immune system can lead to such life threatening conditions as gangrene.


In this presentation, Del will be talking about the latest journey which unfortunately did lead to the development of gangrene and culminated in the eventual amputation of both legs. She will speak about how self hypnosis and hypnotherapy helped her through some of the strongest pain experiences ever imaginable. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from Del’s 20 years professional knowledge and experiences!


12 – 1pm Lunch supplied

1pm Sandy Thomas ......... Healing Trauma and PTSD


It is said that 1: 4 people are affected by childhood trauma and 65% of people who appear in psyche wards have experienced some type of childhood abuse. From her 12 years as a coach she has seen how trauma experienced as a child when untreated leaves a “legacy” causing long term life complications. Trauma stops people experiencing their full potential and through her coaching she helps people turn their trauma around and see the gift in the experience so they can heal and live their potential. She has a “lived experience” of trauma, Bi-Polar, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD which originated as a result of her “dysfunctional family experience.” After many years of searching and not finding the right help she realised it was up to her to heal herself and she created a unique system to overcome her own trauma. It’s her


life’s mission to help 1 million people transform trauma so they can heal and stop the legacy of trauma being passed on to future generations, creating a brighter future for humanity.


Sandy has a wide range of qualifications including Medical Herbalism, NLP, Peak Performance coaching and is currently studying a Masters in Social Ecology focusing on Healing Trauma and PTSD.


What this seminar will cover:


  • ·  Sandy’s story – her journey through the mental health maze
  • ·  Understanding trauma and how it affects the brain, the body, the mind and the soul
  • ·  Latest concepts in mental health practice
  • ·  Alternative healing methods that work
  • ·  Networks and resources

Members $120 Non members $150. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea supplied

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The Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. ( PCHA ) is a long standing professional organisation. Our aim is to promote the educational and ethical aspects of clinical hypnotherapy and to ensure members and associates maintain the highest professional standards in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy.


We encourage everyone to come and add this seminar to their ongoing development training. AHA and other hypnotherapy associations recognise PCHA as a provider of ongoing professional development ( OPD ).


Everyone is welcome.
There will be some second hand hypnotherapy books on sale so bring some cash for any purchases.